Eliza Hamilton – Executive Associate/ Special Projects Liaison

Having joined the team in 2016, Eliza is the newest member of the

Crown Point Catering Family. Often your first point of contact, she truly enjoys getting to know you and hearing what you have in mind.

Born on the northern coast of Maine, she developed a love for gardening and berry picking at a very young age – while standing on a chair in her grandmother’s kitchen they worked together turning the freshly picked treasures into scrumptious pies and baked goods.

She has shared her love of gardening with her husband and young son and they now tend to an ever growing home garden and berry batch here in sunny Crown Point.

Local favorite – Rocky’s Crown Pub for the best burger in town!

Julie St. Germaine – Administrative Assistant

Every great company has a secret weapon…ours is a Jewel! She is one of Vicki’s original worker bees starting with CPC in 1983. Not only does she know every inch of our business (and can write a book about it), she is the master at tracking down whatever we dream up – we don’t know what we would do without her!

Local favorite – JRDN at Tower 23 in Pacific Beach

Leonel Olmedo – Executive Associate/ Staff Development Facilitator

Leo started with us in 1997 and has contributed his talents as an event manager and executive associate. Currently he oversees our staff development program which includes ongoing leadership training, skill level assessments and interactive training sessions. Over the years, our dedicated clientele has come to adore his personable nature and superior commitment to customer service.

Local favorite – Trattoria Fantastica in Little Italy

Teegan Smith – Executive Chef

Chef Teegan brings a comprehensive background in fine dining establishments from New York to California. He incorporates refined classical techniques into modern California cuisine to bring unique and fresh elements to our menus. His experience and exceptional organizational skills are crucial elements in the execution of our myriad of events. With his good natured attitude, Chef Teegan is always available to work together with our clients to create the most outstanding personalized menus for every occasion.

Local favorite – Anything he’s caught or grown

Orsika Barabas – Executive Sales, Event Planner

Oriska (pronounced OR-SHE-KA) is passionate about food and entertaining. She has evolved a “philosophy of food” where she creates every meal into an event. Oriska’s appetite for cuisine and hosting has expanded into over a 30-year career as an accomplished caterer and event coordinator. Growing up throughout Europe, Oriska learned the art of creating parties catered around excellent food, life, music, and conversation. Orsika returned to the States for university, and received dual degrees in International Relations and French Literature from the University of San Diego. She is a polyglot, and speaks Hungarian, English, French, Spanish, and Italian. To this day, she enjoys traveling, learning new languages, and (of course!) trying new cuisines.


Local favorite – Little Lion Café & Bar in Pt. Loma

Kimberly Loughlin McDonald – Director of Sales

Kimberly has been with us since 1995 and offers a background in event production, with her previous experience in the party rental and design field. Responsible for expanding our corporate and social market, her skills in planning and executing events stems directly from her extensive hands-on knowledge of the numerous facets involved in the planning. Dedicated member of SDMPI, ISES and The Executives Association, she is also currently pursuing a degree in Business Management.

Local favorite – Garden Kitchen in Rolando

Vicki Hamilton – Founder

It’s not every day that you find a catering company that’s been around for 4 decades, but more profoundly to have a dedicated team in place for over 2 of those. Vicki believes in hiring good people and getting out of their way!


Grounded in our commitment to sustaining and providing for our community, we can trace our giving roots to the philosophy of Vicki, who is a believer in empowering others to be the best of themselves.


Local favorite – Third Corner in Ocean Beach and Wine Vault & Bistro in Middletown