Earth, Fire, Water & Air

Culy Warehouse was the perfect urban element for the “Elements of Earth, Fire, Water, & Air” bash most recently enjoyed by 1100 revelers. The three warehouses, including an enormous outdoor space (let’s not even talk about those permits!) were individually designed to encompass each classical element.

In the Earth room a palette of chocolate brown & mossy green set the tone, which was complimented with local and sustainable components of the earth; including a Living Tree that creept around the room.

The Fire room was, well, on fire and appeared in constant movement! The ceiling was low allowing for the hot red glow to truly ignite. We used a combo of tangerine, orange, copper and amber satins to accentuate our food presentation. Fire dancers wowed the crowd! (and started a small fire!!)

The Water&Air room was in direct contrast to Fire in it’s extra tall floor to ceiling white and bright splendor. Clear lucite tables and wisps of white feathers – simple as that with such huge impact!

The outdoor lounge space was like carving out a fourth warehouse – but in the streets of San Diego. How cool is that!?!