BOO! It’s All Hallows’ Eve, aka Halloween!

There are so many fun traditions for Halloween, trick-or-treating, watching horror flicks, carving jack-o’-laterns and playing pranks. It’s always so agonizing, what costume should you choose, how will you transform yourself this year?  SCARY, HIP, CULTURE CLASSIC, SUPER HERO!  My favorite memories of Halloween were of the houses you visited while trick-or-treating who went out of their way to have the scariest and most elaborate decorations.  Live monsters jumping out of the bushes, glowing skeletons and spider webs.  I loved it.  And of course there was always the lady down the street who gave out the FULL size candy bars. She was the celebrity of Halloween.  The queen bee of trick-or-treating.  While we love all the old traditions of celebrating Halloween, we thought these modern new ways to decorate and celebrate were very fresh.  Elegantly Spooky.  Sleek black & white.  Silver and Gold are the new orange and black.  Check out these ideas from Hitched Salon for new inspiration.  BOO!


It’s almost Oktoberfest and that means BEER!

f1954daf9924afc1f7fbfd359b01d873I think for Americans, Oktoberfest is much like St. Patrick’s Day, or the Super Bowl.  It’s a time or day dedicated to drinking beer. And we love it!  It’s an excuse for everything beer.  Beer food, Beer tasting, wearing beer swag and even hosting your own “harvest festival or Oktoberfest party.” More beer.  We thought this was a cute and fun way to study up on what you should be eating with your favorite hoppy beverage.  So start studying and become your very own beer sommelier.  Cheers!

For more great idea’s on food drink and fun, check out

Touch DOWN! Yummy Fall Recipe’s mean comfort food & football


It’s mid September and fall is definitely here.  Gone are light summer salads and skinless grilled meats.  What’s IN and What’s Happening, Fall COMFORT food!  Aka Football food.  It’s time to snuggle in, get cozy and treat yourself to some of our favorite fall recipes. One to try for next weeks kick off that will leave your whole team screaming for more, are Sliders on a Pretzel Bun.   A hip new way to serve those little burgers that will surely impress.  Totally 2013.  And we’re always looking for warm, ooey, gooey sides to go with our hearty fall dinners & Saveur Magazine has some great idea’s in their “September’s most favorite’s” list.  We’re crazy about the Creamed Onion Gratin.


Fill these delicious buns with whatever you love.  Great for burgers, BBQ, veggies & chicken.  This recipe is courtesy of Farm Girl Gourmet.

Best ever Creamed Onion Gratin – Saveur Magazine, October 2011