What if riding the waves meant changing the world?

pb156All of us at Crown Point view ourselves as family.  Much more than co-workers or just showing up to do the job.  We’re lucky we get to support one another, share our family experiences and most of all learn admire one another for some of the amazing work we do when were not punching the clock.  Orsika’s our very talented Sales Executive’s, husband, Peter, is an avid surfer and volunteers for the organization Surfers Healing. Last week he was lucky enough to mentored our Kitchen Managers, Maria’s grandson, Luis.
Surfers Healing’s, mission is to enrich the lives of people living with autism by exposing them to the unique experience of surfing.  To learn more or to get involved, visit www.surfershealing.or

Check out these amazing photos of Luis and Pete  getting “gnarly and “hanging ten.”