Just Another Weekend

Rady’s Children’s Hospital opened a new wing called the Acute Care Pavilion. This new wing is state of the art and will prove to revolutionize hospital designs around the U.S. It is deemed a “green” building with the entire medical “bells and whistles.” Crown Point Catering was honored with being a part of this grand event.

Business was steady throughout September and although we had blocked the week of September off to new parties, we could not turn down business; needless to say on top of lunch for 2,000 and a 10-station party for 700 people we still took on new clients that weekend. For 72 hours straight we had people working in the kitchen making things happen. Thursday night we had a decent size party at the USS midway. The two trucks returned to the kitchen at 1:00 in the morning; they left the next morning before 6:00am loaded with supplies for 2,000 sack lunches! Most of the staff worked doubles that day as we had a sit down dinner that evening. Saturday morning it started all over again as those of us who got a few hours of sleep the night before (some stayed up all night, washing dishes, unloading, re-loading, and preparing the kitchen for Saturday) managed to make it into the kitchen in the morning to prepare for our 10-station onslaught at Rady’s that evening.

The new Children’s Hospital wing was a grand opening to say the least. There were 10 stations set up with food, half a dozen bars (with glowing cocktail glasses), and a live music performance by a choir of Children’s Hospital former patients. The event was most successful.


Vista Hill Gala: An Evening Not to be Forgoten!

The annual Vista Hill Gala went off last Sunday, October 10th, without a hitch. Vista Hill is one of the most prominent community service leaders in the San Diego non-profit organizations. Specializing in domestic violence and drug rehabilitation assistance, Vista Hill has its hands into many corners of the greater San Diego community. Once a year the friends and families responsible for Vista Hill’s immense success congregate to celebrate their accomplishments over fine dining and dancing. Included in this wonderful evening is an auction: the purpose being to raise money for the upcoming year’s trials and tribulations. This year’s fundraising auction was the most successful ever; we would like to give a special Thank You to everyone who participated!

Crown Point Catering provided a fabulous sit down dinner for the 260 attendees. Our talented party managers in correlation with Rachel Peniche and Pacific Events, turned what looked originally like an abandoned warehouse into an elegant ballroom. In the spirit of 10/10/10, the theme of the evening, we provided a 10 topping salad, a duo entrée with 10-ounce portions, and people sitting around tables of 10. There was a stunning performance by Chula Vista’s High-School Glee Club. We had a wonderful staff that worked extremely hard to ensure the quality standards of these two organizations were met. Thank You!

CPC’S Newest Team Member

Our Towering Skewer Grilling Station

We introduced a new station at the annual YMCA Mission Valley fundraiser Saturday October 2nd, 2010. In the spirit of the Brazilian themed event, we wanted to have a station that represented the South American “Churrasco.” A true Churrasco is similar to an all day American Potluck BBQ. Each family brings different types of meats to be placed on skewers and roasted over and open coal pit. A typical Churrasco lasts all day; people eat, drink, celebrate life, and then eat some more. For obvious reasons we did not ask our clientele to bring different types of meats for the skewers, however in the spirit of the event we brought custom designed 3 1/2 foot skewers. We slow roasted Linguisa, Chicken, and Flank Steak and served the partygoers their meats carved fresh off the skewers. Overall, the event was a huge success and our newest station stole the show. Nearly every one, of the 400 in attendance, hoarded around the sizzling Churrasco style station. The guests watched intently as our staff entertainingly and efficiently carved up the delicious meats for the partygoers pleasure.

The event as a whole was festive and included face painting (for the staff and guests), dancing, and auctions to raise money for the YMCA. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time; leaving the party with their belly’s full and wallets empty. Thanks to all the participants who made this event a success.