CPC’S Newest Team Member

Our Towering Skewer Grilling Station We introduced a new station at the annual YMCA Mission Valley fundraiser Saturday October 2nd, 2010. In the spirit of the Brazilian themed event, we wanted to have a station that represented the South American “Churrasco.” A true Churrasco is similar to an all day American Potluck BBQ. Each family brings different types of meats to be placed on skewers and roasted over and open coal pit. A typical Churrasco lasts all day; people eat, drink, celebrate life, and then eat some more. For obvious reasons we did not ask our clientele to bring different types of meats for the skewers, however in the spirit of the event we brought custom designed 3 1/2 foot skewers. We slow roasted Linguisa, Chicken, and Flank Steak and served the partygoers their meats carved fresh off the skewers. Overall, the event was a huge success and our newest station stole the show. Nearly every one, of the 400 in attendance, hoarded around the sizzling Churrasco style station. The guests watched intently as our staff entertainingly and efficiently carved up the delicious meats for the partygoers pleasure. The event as a whole was festive and included face painting (for the staff and guests), dancing, and auctions to raise money for the YMCA. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time; leaving the party with their belly’s full and wallets empty. Thanks to all the participants who made this event a success.