You Say Doughnut, I Say Donut…Either Way We Say Delicious!

Doughnuts-1-copyWhether you're crazy health-conscious or still hoarding a box of fluorescent orange Halloween cupcakes, few comfort desserts hit home quite like a fresh-baked doughnut. There are plenty of local bakeries and fry factories that cook up these pillowy rings of wonder, just waiting for you to sink your teeth into them after your very worst Terrible No Good Very Bad Day. Whatever, kale, we don't care about you. Here are some of our favorite doughnuts and/or places across the country where you should try them too.  Portland, OR is famous for Voodoo Doughnut, and their Bacon Maple Bar. Seattle & Dallas have Top Pot - Hand Forged Doughnuts and right here in San Diego we have our own, Japanese-Style tmg-slideshow_xlDoughnuts: Beach City Baked Donuts.  They're fun, perfect for summer’s quick grab and go or fun weekend brunches, you can do them a million ways! Check out these yummy recipes and make your own donuts at home! Sour-Cream-Doughnuts-03