Worm Dirt

GroupVicki, the owner or Crown Point Catering is such an avid gardener (and the girl that has everything!) So she was thrilled to receive from the CPC team exactly what's she's been wanting for years but just didn't know how to get started!  Really she loves this!  And we wanted to share her new found love for worms with you too. A worm composter (aka vermicomposter). It's the ideal method to not only use up your "browns" & "greens", but the wigglers can be so beneficial to your garden.  Everyone who decides to go green travels there on a different road.  And worm composting was one of Vicki's ways.  Vermiculture, the product is vermicompost and only the name is complicated. It’s a process that can be done on an industrial-sized scale or very small scale (as in your own garage.) Essentially, on a small scale, you construct a worm hotel with perpetual room service, and you let the worms take WormDirtit from there. Composting is the controlled natural decomposition of organic material such as leaves, grass, fruit, and vegetable remains.  In addition to these items you can also compost hair, manure, tea bags, coffee filters and grinds, egg shells, straw, paper, and cardboard.  Micro organisms break down the materials into nutrient rich soil called compost or humus.  Essentially it is nature's way of recycling.  The most important part of a successful compost is the ingredients that go into it.  The four components are greens, browns, water and air.   Person_Wormphoto 1
Start your own composting today!  And visit www.solanacenter.org for class schedules and more information.
We'll keep you posted on Vicki's garden throughout 2015.
**Some of the information in this article can be credited to the Solana Center for Environmental Innovation, Encinitas, CA