Champagne: To Coupe or Not to Coupe?

lillet-rose-cocktails-mld108276_vertI love Champagne coupes.  They’re so chic and elegant.  Through the 1960s, the coupe was “the” glass for bubbles.  Coupes had seemed to have fallen out of favor in modern times with wine experts and amateurs recommending or preferring to use flutes or tulip glasses to drink Champagne. But lately, coupes are coming back.  There’s an old legend that the Champagne coupe was modeled after the breast of Marie Antoinette or Helen of Troy.  You know the old saying "more than a mouthful is a waste". Wait, are we still talking wine glasses here? Anyway, I guess the question of the hour is should we embrace the redux of the coupe?  And for this I suggest taking the hands on approach.  Its not that I don’t trust the experts, it just when it comes to Champagne it’s time for me to conduct my own very scientific research.  No need to ruin a good bottle of bubbles with a faulty glass…Do your own testing and try our favorite Champagne cocktail in ANY glass you choose. A Crown Point Staff Favorite:  Moet & Chandon Grand Cru 'Champs de Romont' Brut Champagne (or your favorite dry sparkling wine or Prosecco), St. Germaines (elderflower Liqueur) & fresh squeezed grapefruit on ice. Check out Esquire Magazine's top 10 Champagne cocktail recipes: