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We have answered the most common questions to help our clients become more effective shoppers:

Do you have a brochure and a price list?
All of our menus are custom designed for a specific event and a particular client. After a preliminary conversation with an event coordinator, we will prepare a proposal with several menus and budget ranges. Often we are able to create a more exciting and personalized menu than one simply picked out of a list. When we price a menu, it's a process that involves more than "3 dozen stuffed mushrooms". A variety of factors affect the price, such as amount of menu choices, number of guests, length of the event, amount of servers and venue. Our goal is to provide you the fairest price based on your specific needs.

A Note on Quotes:
In the catering industry there are a variety of ways to present a bid to a client. While no one intentionally tries to mislead a client, it is important to verify that when comparing bids from two or more companies that you are comparing "apples to apples" by requesting the same information from all.

What services do you offer?
As full service caterers, we can take care of all of the details of
your event. Our services include but are not limited to:

Equipment Rental
Not only can we arrange for the rental of the usual party items such as tables, chairs, linens, china, glassware and silver ware, but we also have access to fine china, crystal, and specialty linens but we also have access to lounge furniture, speciality linens, fine china, unique glassware and flatware. We can also arrange for larger items such as canopies, flooring, lighting, stages and dance floors.

From a big band to a latin guitarist to a DJ, we can provide you with the music to set the mood. Should your needs be more eclectic, we have contacts for photo booths, magicians, movie star look alikes, whatever you feel will engage your guests.

Valet Service
Whether you want attendants at your door or simply parking directors for a larger group, our valets can provide the best service at the best price.

Beverage Service
While Crown Point Catering is not licensed to sell alcohol, we do maintain the necessary liquor liability insurance to serve your guests if you provide the alcohol. We do work closely with a beverage catering company and can contract on your behalf for full bar service at your home or an off site location. With a variety of labels and pricing, we can accommodate all your beverage needs. We can also provide a smoothie bar or cappuccino cart with all the trimmings.

Event Design
Do you want your event to stand out from the rest? Need a theme to make it special? Working with a variety of professionals in lighting, props and set design we can produce something extraordinary. Sometimes all it takes is spectacular flower arrangements; we work with the best florists in town able to create the look you want in a variety of styles and budgets. We can also arrange to "repurpose" centerpieces supporting our mission to pay it forward.

What are your specialties?
One of the reasons our business has continued to grow since 1983 is due to the fact that we are committed to providing wholesome foods purchased from local vendors and prepared from scratch. Our repertoire includes creative salads tossed in house-made dressings, continental standards including Rack of Lamb and Filet Mignon, al dente pastas with fresh sauces, Latin dishes with flavorful spices, as well as Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. With over one hundred pages of menu listings in our database, we are limited only by your imagination.

What is your availability?
How large or small does my event have to be?

We do book events a year or more in advance and can accept short notice jobs depending on availability. Of course the further in advance you book your event the better we can assist you with your needs. We can produce several events on the same day; however, on busy weekends or if we have an especially large event, we may be unavailable. We have catered events for very large groups and also created intimate dinners for smaller groups. Every caterer has its specialty and events that they excel in. If we feel we are not the appropriate caterer for your event, we will happily refer you to a more suitable professional.

Where do I start?
You're already on your way. Call one of our event specialists or
e-mail us at sales@crownpointcatering.com and we'll contact you right away to begin preparing a custom proposal for your event.