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Omegawave World Triathlon–San Diego

Last weekend Team Crown Point Catering participated in the ITU World Triathlon along Mission Bay……by serving up the VIP’s from around the world!
One hundred and thirty of the world’s fastest tri-athletes ran and cycled the streets of Mission Beach and swam the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean. Such an exciting honor to be chosen as the only US host city that includes stops in Auckland, Yokohama, Madrid, Kitxbuhel, Hamburg, Stockholm and London. 
For those of us that couldn’t attend the 2012 Summer Olympics, this prestigious event was exactly like the triathlon held at Hyde Park, but right here in our sleepy little beach town.
To see the winners of this amazing triathlon or to look at more photos click here

Crown Point Catering Celebrates 30 Years!!!

So here’s the deal, 2013 marks our 30th year, and we are more fired up than ever! In these 30 years, we have catered beautiful events all around San Diego, and continue to grow and learn every time.

Our team has worked with countless clients, which is why we feel so fortunate—it makes all of the hard work w
orth it and we thank you immensely. In celebration, our goal is to continue to always go above and beyond to exceed the expectations of those that have supported our path for 30 years.
Did you check out our updated website yet? —We have tons more pretty pictures, plus you can now follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
Not quite sure if we can top winning the Southern California Meetings + Events Magazine Best Caterer Award three years in a row, but this 30-something caterer is ready to go!!

Art of Fashion

As you know, we are gearing up for the Art of Fashion on Saturday, Sept. 24 at the Timken. It’s going to be a fabulous event – due in large part to your efforts!

The Timken is getting the word out for one last push for tickets. They are hoping for a sold out event. They’d love your support to help them do that. If you have a Facebook page or Twitter feed, please consider posting the following:


There’s only two days left to buy tickets for the Timken’s Art of Fashion! We will be providing (food, music, etc.) Come out and see us that night!

For Twitter:

Only two days left to buy tickets for the best fashion event of the year!

Feel free to tag the Art of Fashion Facebook page!/pages/ART-OF-FASHION-Timken-Museum-of-Art/139854089364556 and @TimkenArtMuseum on Twitter if you’d like.

Any assistance you can provide would be helpful! Thank you so much!

Earth, Fire, Water & Air

Culy Warehouse was the perfect urban element for the “Elements of Earth, Fire, Water, & Air” bash most recently enjoyed by 1100 revelers. The three warehouses, including an enormous outdoor space (let’s not even talk about those permits!) were individually designed to encompass each classical element.

In the Earth room a palette of chocolate brown & mossy green set the tone, which was complimented with local and sustainable components of the earth; including a Living Tree that creept around the room.

The Fire room was, well, on fire and appeared in constant movement! The ceiling was low allowing for the hot red glow to truly ignite. We used a combo of tangerine, orange, copper and amber satins to accentuate our food presentation. Fire dancers wowed the crowd! (and started a small fire!!)

The Water&Air room was in direct contrast to Fire in it’s extra tall floor to ceiling white and bright splendor. Clear lucite tables and wisps of white feathers – simple as that with such huge impact!

The outdoor lounge space was like carving out a fourth warehouse – but in the streets of San Diego. How cool is that!?!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Jones

One of our own had a beautiful wedding in early November.Diego has been a key member of the Crown Point Catering team for nearly a decade now. His un-wavering commitment to this organization has contributed to our success tremendously.
Diego and his beautiful bride Rona were married November 8th, 2010 at Julie’s house in Pacific Beach . Although the weather in the early morning looked to be tragic, the sky’s opened up with sunshine for the ceremony and reception. Congratulations you two. All the Best from the Crown Point Catering Team.

Sundt Memorial Foundation

Annual Fundraiser 2010

The Gala for Sundt Memorial’s annual fundraiser this October was elaborate but eloquent. With gourmet food and a quorum of community leaders the Sundt Gala was a magnificent production. Live camera crews added an air of seriousness to an event vital to the future of many teens in San Diego and around the country. The Sundt Memorial Foundation is responsible for providing many teens with a future; embracing their vision, “for kids to grow up with a steady stream of natural high messages, inspiring a culture of healthier, drug-free youth across the country.”

Our staff provided our gourmet culinary services with a professional and artistic manner. Omar Guido coordinating with Kim Prendergast and many other valuable key people put into real life the vision that Sundt Memorial Foundation had for their annual Gala and Natural High program


Just Another Weekend

Rady’s Children’s Hospital opened a new wing called the Acute Care Pavilion. This new wing is state of the art and will prove to revolutionize hospital designs around the U.S. It is deemed a “green” building with the entire medical “bells and whistles.” Crown Point Catering was honored with being a part of this grand event.

Business was steady throughout September and although we had blocked the week of September off to new parties, we could not turn down business; needless to say on top of lunch for 2,000 and a 10-station party for 700 people we still took on new clients that weekend. For 72 hours straight we had people working in the kitchen making things happen. Thursday night we had a decent size party at the USS midway. The two trucks returned to the kitchen at 1:00 in the morning; they left the next morning before 6:00am loaded with supplies for 2,000 sack lunches! Most of the staff worked doubles that day as we had a sit down dinner that evening. Saturday morning it started all over again as those of us who got a few hours of sleep the night before (some stayed up all night, washing dishes, unloading, re-loading, and preparing the kitchen for Saturday) managed to make it into the kitchen in the morning to prepare for our 10-station onslaught at Rady’s that evening.

The new Children’s Hospital wing was a grand opening to say the least. There were 10 stations set up with food, half a dozen bars (with glowing cocktail glasses), and a live music performance by a choir of Children’s Hospital former patients. The event was most successful.


Vista Hill Gala: An Evening Not to be Forgoten!

The annual Vista Hill Gala went off last Sunday, October 10th, without a hitch. Vista Hill is one of the most prominent community service leaders in the San Diego non-profit organizations. Specializing in domestic violence and drug rehabilitation assistance, Vista Hill has its hands into many corners of the greater San Diego community. Once a year the friends and families responsible for Vista Hill’s immense success congregate to celebrate their accomplishments over fine dining and dancing. Included in this wonderful evening is an auction: the purpose being to raise money for the upcoming year’s trials and tribulations. This year’s fundraising auction was the most successful ever; we would like to give a special Thank You to everyone who participated!

Crown Point Catering provided a fabulous sit down dinner for the 260 attendees. Our talented party managers in correlation with Rachel Peniche and Pacific Events, turned what looked originally like an abandoned warehouse into an elegant ballroom. In the spirit of 10/10/10, the theme of the evening, we provided a 10 topping salad, a duo entrée with 10-ounce portions, and people sitting around tables of 10. There was a stunning performance by Chula Vista’s High-School Glee Club. We had a wonderful staff that worked extremely hard to ensure the quality standards of these two organizations were met. Thank You!

CPC’S Newest Team Member

Our Towering Skewer Grilling Station

We introduced a new station at the annual YMCA Mission Valley fundraiser Saturday October 2nd, 2010. In the spirit of the Brazilian themed event, we wanted to have a station that represented the South American “Churrasco.” A true Churrasco is similar to an all day American Potluck BBQ. Each family brings different types of meats to be placed on skewers and roasted over and open coal pit. A typical Churrasco lasts all day; people eat, drink, celebrate life, and then eat some more. For obvious reasons we did not ask our clientele to bring different types of meats for the skewers, however in the spirit of the event we brought custom designed 3 1/2 foot skewers. We slow roasted Linguisa, Chicken, and Flank Steak and served the partygoers their meats carved fresh off the skewers. Overall, the event was a huge success and our newest station stole the show. Nearly every one, of the 400 in attendance, hoarded around the sizzling Churrasco style station. The guests watched intently as our staff entertainingly and efficiently carved up the delicious meats for the partygoers pleasure.

The event as a whole was festive and included face painting (for the staff and guests), dancing, and auctions to raise money for the YMCA. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time; leaving the party with their belly’s full and wallets empty. Thanks to all the participants who made this event a success.


The prestigious Orfila Vineyards is having its 17th annual Grape Stomp Saturday August 28th, 2010. It should prove to be a most entertaining evening of grape stomping, tractor riding, and dancing. There will be a wonderful wine tasting before the dinner reception and live music by the Rhythm of Life Band to follow. Of course the catering will be provided by yours truly, Crown Point Catering. The event runs from 4:00-8:00pm and costs $85 per person. Typically there are between 300-400 amassing at this event. Tickets are available through the Orfila website at Please join us for a wonderful and relaxing evening full of great food, interesting people, and sophisticated wine. Grazi

Buffet Menu

2 Hors D’oeuvre Displays
Assortment of California Cheeses and Slice La Brea Baguettes

Pâtés, Vegetarian Pâtés and Gourmet Crackers

Fresh Fruit in Season with a Honey Yogurt Dip

Garden Vegetable Spears with a Spinach Artichoke Dipping Sauce

3 Double Sided Dinner Buffets
Baby Greens with Fresh Mango, Raspberries, Strawberries,
French Feta, Avocado, Diced Green Onions and Slivered Almonds
Presented with a Balsamic Orange Dressing

Tomato Watermelon Salad with Feta and Toasted Almonds

Risotto Primavera Made Freshly on Site
Arborio Rice & Chicken Stock Combined with Asparagus, Artichokes,
Prosciutto, Fresh Basil, Onions and Peas
Finished with Freshly Grated Parmesan Cheese

Grilled Italian Sausages, Sweet and Spicy

Sauteed Chicken Piccata
With Dry White Wine, Butter Fresh Lemon Juice, Minced Parsley and Capers

Homemade Italian Flat Bread
Presented with Assortment of toppings:

Tomato Sauce, Olive Oil, Fresh Garlic,

Fresh Pesto, Pine Nuts, Seasoned Walnuts

Marinated Artichokes, Slivered Grilled Eggplant,

Sun Dried Tomatoes, Fresh Basil, Sliced Tomatoes, Mozzarella

Cheese, Feta Cheese, Gorgonzola Cheese & Parmesan Cheese

Two Dessert Buffets

Crepes Sucrees
Made to Order
Lemon Curd Chocolate Mousse

Served with Freshly Made Toppings of
Fresh Seasonal Fruit, Whipped Cream, Chopped Nuts and Chocolate Sauce

Freshly Brewed Regular and Decaffeinated Certified Organic
Sumatra Golden Mandheling Gourmet Coffees